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a Burning Man 2013 Art project
by Dawg

Kai Pod is series of sculptures aimed at raising awareness of ocean health and the environmental perils facing human kind . Kai-Pod represents a Orca family in the sea. Through its physical appearance, the materials it is made from, and the collaborative effort of creating this installation, Kai Pod sends the message that all life depends on the ocean, the health of the ocean is under threat, but by coming together to raise awareness and make better decisions we can make a difference.

Arranged in a pod formation, each sculpted dorsal fin and tail will be built from found materials. Collaborators from across the U.S. and Canada have gathered refuse from construction sites, materials from landfills and dumps, lumber and other objects washed from the ocean.

As the dorsal fins of Orca whales rise above the ocean, so will components of Kai Pod rise in forests of British Columbia, grassy meadows of Washington state, Oregon’s coastal foothills and the parched desert playa of Nevada.