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Decadent Delight – SOAK* 10th anniversary Cake



Colors: blue, purple, cream, black, white, a little bit of red, and a dash of gold.

We submitted an adapted version of Moon Cake to stand as the SOAK* 2014 main Burnable Structure (BS), and it was accepted! Thank you Burning Man Portland and SOAK*, LLC for placing your trust in us, and the community members who choose to participate. We are excited about facilitating the production of a Decadently Delightful 10th anniversary Cake, with open participation and radical inclusion. )'(

To volunteer for BS Build Crew, sign-up online http://bmpdx.com/volunteer or email soakeffigy (at) dustyvisions.org
You can also see events and updates on our Facebook fan page.


What we have planned…

Layer 5 (2-ft tall)
Mystery top designed by leads.

Layer 4 (4-5-ft tall)
Round shaped; using reclaimed fence boards, with milk paint.
Colored piping rope, muslin, yarn, linen (something long and inexpensive that can easily be dyed), and EL wire (to be removed prior to immolation).
Fire candle toppers.

Layer 3 (3-ft tall)
Round shaped; using ½ inch plywood, or flexi-ply, with milk paint.
Community participation needed* – Harlequin copper ceiling tiles

Effigy trophies






Layer 2 (7-ft tall)
Decagon shaped; using 1x6x8 salvaged material, with milk paint.
Community participation needed* – 10 framed art pieces celebrating each year of SOAK*.

Effigy 2014cEffigy 2014b






Layer 1 (3-ft tall)

Hexagon shaped, using 6 sheets of plywood.
Community participation needed* – 3×4 and 3×8 plywood canvases.

Effigy layer 1






Acceptable materials: finger paint, ink, milk paint, natural stain, tempera paint, water-based paint, wood (for dimension); chalk and oil in limited quantities.

NO latex or lead based paint.


decadent decathlondecdent SOAK 2014 poster