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Meet the Artists: Flocons

SAVE THE DATE! We are both honored and excited that Flocons was awarded a 2016 Black Rock City Honorarium from Burning Man Arts. A lot of imagination, thought and time was applied in the creation of our project proposal and we are extremely grateful for the recognition of our efforts and the opportunity to bring […]

2016 BRC Honoraria LOI

“On behalf of Burning Man Arts and the BRC Art Grant Committee, we would like to thank you for submitting a Letter of Intent for the 2016 Black Rock City Honorarium program. We are very pleased to invite you to submit a full art grant application for your proposed project Flocons, APP-244. Thank you again […]

Flocons at Critical Northwest

Critical Northwest just announced the Grant recipients for 2015 and Flocons is on the list! We will be building two new pieces and look forward to discovering the Seattle, WA Regional Burning Man event. Many thanks to Ignition Northwest for its support.     “Thank you very much for submitting a grant request for New Art for Critical […]

ReCharge 2015 – Update

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to AMAS and helped make ReCharge PDX: Consent 101 a really nice evening. Each of the Registered Projects went home with some additional funds, which made them and us very happy.  -Axayacoatl: $25.00 -Flocon(s):$30.00 -Fungully: $115.00 -PDX B.E.D.: $30.00 -Schrodiner’s Box of Mystery:$45.00 -Zooplankton: $30.00 + $45.00 We […]

ReCharge: Consent 101

ReCharge: Consent 101 is taking place this Friday, April 3rd from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage located at 70 SE Salmon Street, Portland, OR. Come out and support these amazing projects: Axayacoatl by Capra J’Neva Flocon(s) by Lucy Charon Fungully by Nickie Bee & Ryan Ramage PDX Bureau of Erotic Discourse with Sarah Taylor Shrodinger’s Box […]