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An Oregon public benefit corporation

Supporting community-driven and Burner inspired art, education and events.

Our Mission

The primary mission of Dusty Visions is to engage people to design, create and build art projects of all sizes. These projects are intended to act as a catalyst to engage, educate, and empower the artist, participants and the communities in which the art is presented or experienced. We support projects that necessitate human interaction and prompt social discourse from inception to completion.

The organization’s secondary purpose is to provide diverse artistic and cultural opportunities for individuals and the community through classes, workshops, exhibitions, special events, community outreach programs and public display of works of art. We endeavor to connect people through shared creative experiences that are accessible to individuals of all ages, cultures and physical abilities. Our programs celebrate the beauty of volunteer human collaboration and communal effort.

For more information:

info (at)

Your tax-deductible donations help support our mission: