BurnOut 2013

:: BurnOut: Burning Man Portland’s Decompression ::

Cargo Culters – this is your chance to decompress – Portland style. This year, Burning Man Portland has joined forces with the Branx/Rotture space and Dusty Visions to bring you two indoor stages, an outdoor Fire Cult gallery, and indoor/outdoor theme camp space. Bring your most interactive art, projects, workshops, performances, and best attire to Portland’s Decompression, BurnOut!

October 12 at 4:00pm until October 13 at 8:00am

Branx/Rotture 320 SE 2nd Ave Portland, OR 97214

Parking available: SE 2nd Ave. & SE Oak St.

* TICKETS to BurnOut:
$20 each presale online.
$25 at the door.



Want to participate? Here’s your chance to get involved. Want to help shape the event or just lend a hand? Please let us know by email at portland@burningman.com so we can help you connect with the right team or crew. Burnout 2013 Volunteers receive free entry to the event but MUST pre-register using the form below.

VOLUNTEER: http://bmpdx.com/volunteer

*Fun fact – in 2013 Burning Man Portland had over 300 volunteers sign up to help shape, plan, organize, and participate in its events.

Burning Man Portland Decompression

Just when we thought it was time to embrace some Autumn creativity (as in lets design some Art for 2014), we received an email from Burning Man Portland about a Decompression partnership. Very exciting!

In meeting with our mission, we are honored to be affiliated with Burning Man Portland’s Decompression event: BurnOut 2013. We are delighted to sponsor this non-commercial, volunteer run, decommodification opportunity, and to support Burning Man inspired arts by sponsoring the requested street closure for the duration of the event.

This celebratory event is geared towards putting Burning Man’s ten principles into action and sharing them with the City of Portland. BurnOut 2013 is a community affair where everyone is invited to experience, participate and perform.

For more information visit www.burningmanportland.com

Bribe, Lucy & Pocket

Raffle drawing tonight!

Thanks to all who purchased tickets!
May the Dust Blow Your Way…

Winner of the Burning Man Ticket
Hala Zabanah

Winner of the Kai Hoodie
Marlena Smala

The tickets were drawn by @pparatus, BM Ranger and SOAK*, LLC board member.

Thanks to everyone for supporting Kai-Pod

Ticket raffle Update

The odds of winning a ticket to Burning Man 2013 are pretty good these days.

Portland CORE is raffling a ticket on Sunday and Kai-Pod is raffling another on Tuesday. Support one or both. Double your chances! and start planning your journey.

Here is an update of the Kai-Pod raffle rules:

a) 250 tickets will be sold
b) each ticket costs $11.00 (online)
c) you could win one of two prizes:
1 ticket to Burning Man 2013, purchased and donated by Dawg, to be transferred to the winner (retail value $380)
OR 1 Kai-Pod hoodie (retail value $150).
d) online ticket sales end at 12:00 PM PST on June 25th.
e) the winning raffle tickets will be drawn at 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday June 25th, 2013 at Roadside Attraction @ 1000 SE 12th Ave Portland, OR 97214
Bribe and Courtney will run the drawing. You do not need to be present to win. Drawing will be videotaped and posted online. Winner will be contacted via email.

If you want to meet the team and find out more, look for us at Burn in the Forest, Critical Massive and SOAK*: The Oddity Emporium.
Kai-Pod swims south…

Thank you for supporting this project’s journey to Burning Man!

Russian Wood Delivery

Two of the ways we are supporting Kai-Pod are by (a) supplying Dawg with recycled/re-purposed lumber courtesy of Gifter and AMAS, and (b) providing him with States-side storage and work space thanks to Mel & Beth.

photo (5)

photo (4)

Today we took advantage of the nice weather to sort and stack with the help of Dusty Bubbles, John and Mel. Beth was watching the baby. Thank you!

Grow Fourth – Financial Report

After a well-deserved post-Playa decompression, here are the numbers for Grow Fourth: Portland CORE 2012

Dusty Visions Grant – $1521
SOAK* LLC Grant – $1000
Burning Man Grant – $500
GVIAS Grant – $110
Kickstarter (net, after fees) – $1970
SOAK* ticket Raffle – $76
Burning Man ticket Raffle – $500
Stickers – $27
TOTAL: $5,704.00

Metal Hangers – $1670
Building Supplies – $1416
Lighting – $1026
Transportation – $560
Fire Safety Gear – $50
Build location Rental – $250
Fundraiser BBQ Supplies – $150
Stickers – $212
Patches – $220
Postage – $150
TOTAL: $5,704.00

Thank you to everyone who made Grow Fourth a reality. )’(

After-Burn Update

The month of August was a whirlwind of activity. :)
Between finishing touches, packing the trailer, Burning Man (build, burn & LNT), driving home and re-adjusting to life in the default world… WOW!

Until we post more, here is a beautiful photo of Grow Fourth in Black Rock City, taken by Ocf Photo-Guy.