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Summer Raffle Winner

Without further ado…

The Summer Raffle winner of 1 Burning Man Ticket + 1 vehicle pass is:

Hoi Fung

The ticket was drawn by Moon, an 8-year old Burner whose Cake design was the inspiration for the SOAK* 2014 Effigy.

Thanks to everyone who purchased raffle tickets for supporting our mission.

Next up for Dusty Visions: ReCharge PDX on Friday, October 3rd at the Portland Regional Burner Barn.


Summer Raffle

Our Burning Man tickets finally arrived! :)

So now it is time for our Summer raffle.

Here are the rules for the Summer 2014 raffle:

a) a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 300 tickets will be sold
b) each ticket costs $15.00
c) you could win the following prize:
1 ticket to Burning Man 2014: Caravansary, to be transferred to the winner (retail value $390).
d) online sales end August 15th @ 12:00 pm.
e) the winning raffle ticket will be drawn on Saturday August 16th, 2014.
f) you do not need to be present to win. prize will be mailed to the winner via standard USPS, anywhere in the world.

To buy tickets go to the Raffle page.

And to give you a taste of what you might win, here is a photo of Melody who won the Spring raffle!

photo (8)

ReCharge Success

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the Burner Barn tonight and helped make ReCharge PDX: First Edition a really nice evening.

Each of the Registered Projects went home with some additional funds, which made them and us very happy. 

-Birthday Candles: $60.00
-Cascadia Trading Post:$45.00
-Embrace 2014: Portland: $ 80.00
-Lost Nomads of Vulcania:$110.00
-Musical Swings:$60.00

Real Merkin Heroes played some awesome music, and Sarah Taylor photographed the event while selling her beautiful pendants.

We hope that more of you will join us for the next Edition this Fall.
Merci encore to our Rock Star volunteers! You made it happen. )'(

ReCharge Update

Thanks to Heather Fulton for improving our Social Media Event Invitation!

*Goal of ReCharge*: To help turn ideas and plans in to fantastic reality at SOAK, Burning Man and/or BurnOut; to learn about projects for our own selfish gain; and to contribute to the growth and fulfillment of the creative ideas within our community (drink).

We have some Amazing things going on this year, and we want to support it all! Come check out what our fantastic Local Burners have in store for us this year at Soak, TTITD, BurnOut, and anywhere in between!

At ReCharge, you’ll be able to:
-Learn about Burner art projects occurring locally!
-Support the projects you find rad or important
-Eat/Drink (BYOB/Food)

*As an asterisk to the BYOStuff, there will be some food [hummus, chips, fresh veggies, dip, etc.] provided, but not enough to feed people dinner. Some projects will also be providing food/beverages, but probably not enough to feed attendees. So bring something for yourself, or something to share! We have a grill.

*Alcohol may also be provided on a gifting basis. If you’ll wanna drank:
-we’ll put a wristband on ya after checking ID at the door
-bring your own booze, as nothing is guaranteed. radical self reliance.
-extra information on booze: we *may* have a keg available, with glasses available for $2 (depending on OLCC response); individual projects may gift beer; those gifting alcohol will be asked to sign the OLCC training pamphlet, or have a server license.

Things to know about this event:

-Purchase of 2 Gift Tokens Required at Door
-Booths for Participating Projects will be placed throughout the space
-Decorate a Copper Tile for the Soak* Effigy! Table will be set up for this.
-Chill Space Upstairs
-DJ Downstairs (Music brought by Real Merkin Heroes)
-Dancing Downstairs as well as outdoors in Burner Barn yard! (grassy terrain)
-Burn Barrel will be a’burnin.
-Auction of fantastic donated items
-Dress: Burnery!!
-We’ll be ID’ing at the door, so bring yours

Info on the Gift Tokens:
-$5 each, cash or card (add $0.50 fee per token for square/cc)
-each project will have a jar available for receiving Gift Tokens
-put yours in whatever project’s jar You want to support!
-Jars will be at the welcome table (where you buy tokens upon entry)
-certain items at event will also translate in to Gift Tokens (ie., Buy an auction item for $20, and get $20 worth of Gift Tokens!)

*ReCharge Burner Business Highlight!*
The Wonderful Business of Sarah Taylor!
Sarah is a hugely talented and participative member of our community and we’re honored to be able to showcase her work. She will have her beautiful handmade pendants available! Be sure to grab one up. :)


Participating Projects:
The following projects are registered and will be present with information on their work, goals, needs, and marvelous visions for us all:

-Birthday Candles (a SOAK* & Burning Man Project)
-Cascadia Trading Post (the Portland Regional Souk Project)
-Embrace 2014: Portland (a Burning Man Honorarium Project)
-Lost Nomads of Vulcania (a Burning Man Honorarium Project)
-Musical Swings (a Burning Man Honorarium Project)
(*If you would like to add your project to this list for this event or any future events, please visit our website noted below)


Additional Event Info:

ReCharge is a semiannual Portland community fundraiser.

Auctions Items donated by:
Dusty Visions, Embrace 2014: Portland & Peacheserratica

DJ Music Micro Grant awarded to Rob Hise-Denk.

If you have a project you would like to promote, an item to donate for the auction, a DJ set to play, would like to volunteer with production, or want more information, please visit:
email: recharge (at)

For more information, visit:

Thank you for supporting our very First Edition!

Ten years of SOAK*

Layer 2 of the SOAK* Effigy is pretty much structurally complete thanks to our awesome build volunteers. It is now in need of Cake decorators!

What is involved: we are seeking 10 art pieces representing each year of SOAK*. Your canvas should be framed with no glass. We prefer plywood canvas, but you can paint on cardboard or paper if you would like. Your pieces should measure 2 feet x 2 feet with a frame (we can make one for you, or build your own!). We currently need decorators for 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2012!

For immediate participation as a Cake decorator, contact:

soakeffigy (at)

Call for Immediate Participation

Layer 1 of the SOAK* Effigy is well on its way to being structurally complete thanks to our awesome build volunteers. It is now in need of Cake decorators!

What is involved: 1) pick up a plywood canvas, 2) work on it at home for two-weeks, 3) decorate it using materials from the approved list (remember, fire) in the official Cake colors, and 4) bring it back for assembly.

3×8 with exit door - Rob

3×8 with entrance door – Lucy & Moon

3×4 – Beth

3×4 –  Luna

3×4 – Mel

3×4 – Nicole

3×8 – Frank

3×8 – Ceres



Colors: blue, purple, cream, black, white, a little bit of red, and a dash of gold.


For immediate participation as a Cake decorator, contact:

soakeffigy (at)

Spring raffle winner

Thanks to all who purchased tickets!
May the Dust Blow Your Way…

Winner of the Burning Man Ticket + Vehicle Pass
Melody Trainor

The ticket was drawn by Starfish, BM Ranger and Portland CORE alumnus.

Thank you for supporting Dusty Visions

Happening at Woosday Tonight

Spring Burning Man Raffle Ticket

We sold 70 raffle tickets online, which means we will be gifting 1 vehicle pass + 1 Caravansary general admission to the lucky winner! We will have 10 tickets available for cash at Woosday tonight. So the odds will be 1 in 80.

The winning raffle ticket will be drawn at 7ish PM at Woosday, the Burner happy hour at Roadside Attraction @ 1000 SE 12th Avenue, Portland, Oregon. Bribe and Pocket will be present, they will recruit a volunteer to draw the winning raffle ticket, and the whole thing will be filmed via smartphone.

If you are the winner, we will contact you via email ASAP. Both the vehicle pass and the Burning Man ticket will be sent to your mailing address via standard USPS, as soon as we receive them from Ticketfly. Tickets are scheduled to be sent on Monday, June 30, 2014.


Portland Souk Planning & Discussion Meetup

“This is an opportunity for informal discussion and brainstorming about Portland’s submission for the “Souk” at Burning Man. For those who haven’t been paying attention, the Souk will be a bunch of tent stalls arranged in a circle around the Man. Groups from different areas will be doing different things in them.

Here is Larry Harvey’s vision for the event:

8:00 pm. At one of the big tables inside. Find us. No mole-whales allowed.”

Souk FAQ Update

The great thing about the Souk is 24/7 interactivity showcasing a variety of Regional creativity (radical inclusion at its finest).
If you are interested in participating, you have two weeks to get your proposals ready!

• Before you read any further, it’s important that you and your team have read and grasp the overall intent of the Souk:
• Larry’s speech from the GLC is a good way to tap into the collective consciousness around the Souk, like a 20 minute meditation, we highly encourage you to watch it!
• A quick read through of the Souk website will help galvanize your teams into the right direction, since this is a very different type of project in comparison to CORE.

What your proposal should include:

• An overview of how you intend to use the Souk space
• An estimate of your peak operating hours (primarily daytime, nighttime, or around-the-clock?)
• An interactivity plan
• A Leave No Trace (LNT) plan
• Desired amount of Souk space (12×12, 12×18, 12×24, 12×50)
• A rough sketch of how your space will be laid out

For more information, check in with your Regional Contact(s).

Deadline for proposals to BMHQ is Monday, June 9th at 10 PM Pacific Time