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Home > Current Projects > Meet the Artists

A community-driven and participatory fundraiser.

*Goal of Meet the Artists*: To help turn artistic ideas and plans into fantastic reality; to learn about projects; and to contribute to the growth and fulfillment of the creative ideas within our community. Artists will get the opportunity to pitch their projects with a visual tease of their creation, solicit donations, and take home much needed funds!

At Meet the Artists, you’ll be able to:

-Learn about art projects in progress!
-Support the projects you find rad or important

There will be good music: micro grant for DJ equipment rental.

Alcohol will be available. You will be carded and issued a wristband if you are of legal drinking age. There will be a few snacks (i.e. chips, salsa, hummus, veggies) and substantial food items available for purchase.

Registered Artists/Projects are encouraged to set up inviting spaces (booth/pop-up/table), promote the event within their networks, provide both oral and visual information about their project to attendees, and welcome to hand out promotional cards/stickers/buttons (small gifts or free swag). Artists are will not accept cash donations during the event, nor will they make any sales.

There might be an Auction and/or Raffle of donated items.


Things to know about this event:

– It’s all-ages and family-friendly!
– It’s $10 to get in the door (cash or card) for everyone over 12.
– You will receive a paper ballot where you can then allocate each dollar of your donation (in whole dollar amounts) to the artist(s) of your choice. Once you’ve decided who gets your money, make notes on your ballot and turn it in at the designated station. That’s it!