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Grow Fourth stood for Portland in the Circle of Regional Effigies in 2012.

The Portland Burner community is vibrant and active. This year’s CORE project echoes Portland’s diverse character with the placement of four smaller effigies around a tall Tree. This design celebrates both the region’s dynamic groups and our unity as Burners. The space in between the pieces symbolizes the potential for connections and growth. The Tree’s canopy was covered in Leaves embellished by local artists and participants. Surrounding its roots, we suspended 3D wooden pieces from four stem-like metal hangers that appeared to be growing up from the Playa. 

Grow Fourth’s interplay of metal and wood represents the diversity of Portland’s makers, with a Tree symbolizing the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Grow Fourth is a tall Tree surrounded by four smaller effigies. The Tree is non-climbable, stands 18-feet€™ tall with a 5-foot€™ diameter Trunk wrapped in real branches, and topped by a 10-foot€™ diameter Canopy. Branches support hundreds of Leaves, Ribbons and a small number of three-dimensional Ornaments designed by Portland Regional Burners. Surrounding the Tree’€™s Roots are four 3D wooden pieces suspended from metal hangers that appear to be growing up from the Playa. The Seeds are constructed in playatech fashion, vary between 4-feet€™ and 6-feet€™, hang from 8-foot€™ tall curved Stems and can be spun around.

Leaves were designed by the CORE team and were intended for community members to decorate. Portland Regional Burners were invited to “Send a Leaf to the Playa”.

The Portland CORE project is designed to break down and fit in a 12-foot trailer.


Team Members: Alysia, AT, Chris, Chris M., Daniel, David, Dulce Luna, Esspressodude, Gifter, Jim, Jim M., Joshua, Kat, Kathryn, Kevan, Liesel, LostMachine, Mel, Mike, Noah, Melissa, Orion, Paul, Pete, Pocket, Rachel, Ren, Santaliscious, Tajsha & Z..

Team Leads: Bribe & Lucy
Regional Contact: Tzara