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Burnout 2013 – Portland Decompression

Saturday October 12, 2013.
Branx /Rotture
320 SE 2nd St. Portland, OR
4:00 pm to 8:00 am (21+ after 11:00 pm)

Burnout – The Portland Decompression is an interactive arts celebration. We offer artists and performers a chance to express themselves in an open forum. This is not a craft fair, or commercial venture. We have no vendor marketplace. We are driven by community and entirely volunteer run. This year’s decompression will be held at Branx/Rotture, an indoor covered space with outdoor street closure (special thanks to Dusty Visions). This is an opportunity for theme camps, mutant vehicles, performers, artists, and bands to gather and we hope to see you there!

:: MUSIC and STAGES Line Up ::

Branx Stage: (Downstairs)
– Laura M Sher: Vocalist/Instrumental
– Rob Hise-Denk: Hiphop to Uptempo
– FinalFrequency: Glitch/Bass
– Infinity Face: DnB
– DJ Mom: Glitch/Hiphop
– The Sexbots: Vocalist/Electronic
– Rich Mackin: Comedy
– LoveBomb Go-Go Marching Band
– AfroQBen: Funky Lowtempo to Midtempo
– Melting Pot: Funky Midtempo
– Pope: Funky Midtempo Breaks
– B-Lit: Midtemp Funky Breaks

Rotture Stage: (Upstairs):
– Jason Philips: House
– Dan Crockett: House/Tech House
– StormyRoxx
– Mark L Bennett: Techno/House
– Gingko: Funky/Deep House
– Brandon Boucher: Electroswing
– Fatt Callahan: Fidget House
– Dave Levi: Progressive House
– Sova: Psy Trance
– MonsDe: Techno/Tech House

Also featuring Paul and Sean Dutton, Razaman Reggae, and FinalFrequency.


– 3D Mapping Projection
– Arachnapus
– BikeMan
– Burlesque Camp Saloon
– Chairman of the Bored (outside)
– Dead Letter
– Emerge-n-See InTentsIV Care Unit
– Genesis
– The Ghost Bus and projection project (outside)
– Gifting Mural
– Greater Portland Burner Map
– PDX Couchburners/Time Ninja Syndicate (outside)
– Playa Paintings and interactive discussion with Artist Simran Gleason
– RumbleBee: Interactive sound platform (outside)
– Temple Local 523
..and much more!