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Dusty Visions has an open grant cycle in order to accept a greater number of art project submissions of various mediums and scales.

We support projects that are interactive and accessible to the public. We hope to fund a wide variety of art projects including, but not limited to media (sounds, music, video, writing), performance (dance, theatre, music, performance art), and visual (sculpture, painting, drawing), but will consider all applicants who can present a solid grant application that may cross between any number of these mediums.

Art grants will cover some or all of the expenses for any given project. Grant money will be used for materials, rentals, transportation, and other operational expenses but not for time and labor. All artists who receive a grant will be expected to raise a portion of their funds from their local community thus engaging that community with the project. We don’t want these projects to be self contained; we expect our grantees to create these projects with the public benefit in mind.

All projects will be decided upon by the board of directors following our standards for awarding grants. Decisions will be based on the creativity of the project, philosophic intent, and interactivity, feasibility of the budget, experience or combination of experience from a team of artists, does the project use recycled materials, and can the project be reused, moved and displayed in other locations for maximum exposure.

Grants will be awarded in four different categories:
1) Large grants will be primarily for new projects, will begin at $200 and can include fiscal sponsorship.
2) Micro grants will cover smaller projects, have a cap of $100 and will only cover materials.
3) Refurbishment grants will cover repair, transportation and operational costs up to $600.
4) Event grants will have a separate application process for each event.

The number of grant recipients will fluctuate from year-to-year based on the success of our various fundraising efforts.

For more information:
artgrants (at) dustyvisions.org