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We are honored (and excited!!) to have been offered (and accepted!) a Black Rocky City Honorarium Grant for Flocons.

Thank you Casimus, Crow, Dan, Dawg, Francis, John, Kevan, Lucy, Mel, Nickie, Rachel & Sara for being early supporters and lending us your talents.

We look forward to bringing your art to life! )'(


See the official announcement here.


“On behalf of Burning Man Arts, we would like to thank you for submitting a proposal for the 2016 Black Rock City Honorarium program.

We had an impressive response this year. With 475 Letters of Intent received, we invited 212 projects to submit a full grant proposal.

We were very excited to have you as a member of this group.

We are thrilled to offer you an Honorarium Grant for your proposed project Flocons.

Thank you again for wanting to share your amazing creativity with Black Rock City. The art at Burning Man contributes so much towards creating the most impactful, most influential, most creative experience in the world, and it’s due to artists like you.

We look forward to helping your dream come to life in Black Rock City in 2016!

Very best wishes,

Katie Hazard and the BRC Honoraria Committee”