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Thank you so much to everyone who came out to AMAS and helped make ReCharge PDX: Consent 101 a really nice evening.

Each of the Registered Projects went home with some additional funds, which made them and us very happy. 

-Axayacoatl: $25.00
-Fungully: $115.00
-PDX B.E.D.: $30.00
-Schrodiner’s Box of Mystery:$45.00
-Zooplankton: $30.00 + $45.00

We hope that more of you will join us for the next Edition this Fall.
Merci encore to our Rock Star volunteers! You made it happen. )'(


P.S. Unfortunately, Schrodinger’s Box of Mystery was not selected as a Midway Project, and they have kindly donated their funds to Zooplankton in their stead. Thank you!