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Piccolo Duo di Corde is a pair of large scale interactive sculptures: Primo Violino (a.k.a. Piccolo Violino) and Secondo Violino. The instruments stand 11 feet long and 4 feet wide.

Each instrument will be lit around its contours to preserve the visual impact of a smaller object turned larger than life. Audiences turned participants will also be able to experience their dynamic strings; clear plastic encased LED lights synced with interactive laser harps. Interrupting the laser beams will trigger music to be played on internal speakers and the notes will be reflected by light patterns.

The face of each instrument will also be a canvas for muralists. These 2D pieces will be curated by collaborating non-profit Alberta Art Works.


Scheduled for Exhibition August 26- September 2, 2018 at Burning Man.

Scheduled for Exhibition September 16-22, 2018 at the Providence Child Center.