People we like

Elizabeth Adams loves the regional BRC community and she’€™s currently a real two-timer: twice to Burning Man, twice at Portland Decompression events, and twice a Lamplighter. She produced custom bandanas for Lamplighters and is looking forward to getting more involved with the regional community and contributing to the CORE project.

FIGMENT is a forum for the creation and display of participatory and interactive art by emerging artists across disciplines. FIGMENT began in July 2007 as a free, one-day participatory arts event on Governors Island in New York Harbor with over 2,600 participants. Since then, FIGMENT has grown significantly each year in number of projects, duration, participants, volunteers, fundraising capability, exhibitions, locations, overall level of commitment and participation, and public support.

Mel Adams, a 5 time burner. Discovering that participation in life is somewhat better than passively watching. 4 time Lamp Lighter. With Wife two time! Yes, participation is good. CORE 2011 was the first experience with building art. 5 adult kids w/3 grandkids. One has been with me to BRC. Will be taking another one of the adults this year!.

Jim Coshow (aka Clutch) will attend his second consecutive burn in an attempt to prove it’s never too late to discover things about yourself.  A witness of the evolution of community events from the early rock fests through to the Burning Man Project he brings to the Portland CORE project a desire help create and not just spectate.

Darwin Dawgur (aka Dawg) is an artist and environmental activist from Vancouver, BC.

DJ Diem: just listen to his beats.

Thomas McElroy (aka @pparatus) is a founding board member of SOAK, LLC, the production company that has put on the interactive arts festivals and events affiliated with the Portland Regional Burning Man community since 2007. Lawyer by day, seasoned Artist, Black Rock Ranger, Fire aficionado and Rock Star guitarist.

Priti, aka “Chloe”: small, sturdy and ample in multi-use functionality. Kinda like a Clydesdale.

Ken Strait (aka Santaliscious) is a founding board member of the Portland Burning Man Regional LLC, Soak, LLC, from 2007. A long time burner attending his first burn in 1996, Ken has worked closely with various theme camps, art projects, and art cars at both Burning Man and regional events. Promoting Northwest events since 2001, he has helped plan and participate in SOAK, the regional burn, from 2005 to present, various iterations of the regional decompression events, including Rinse and Burnout, from 2001 to present, and other events like Pre-compression, Phoenix Festival, and Kaosmosis.  He has been the Burn perimeter lead for March Fourth Marching Band in 2009, the Burn perimeter/fire safety lead for the Portal Project, and personal fire safety for many fire performers.  In Portland, he was a contributor to the provisional fire regulation created for fire performers and fire art within Portland city limits. He volunteered as fire safety lead for the “Poi in the Park,” and “Poi under the Bridge” events designed to give participants new to fire spinning a chance to start and learn in a safe environment.  He joined the CORE team out of a desire to further the Portland regional artists and work with great friends in building something wonderful.