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A semiannual Portland community fundraiser.

*Goal of ReCharge*: To help turn ideas and plans into fantastic reality at TTITD and other Regional events; to learn about projects; and to contribute to the growth and fulfillment of the creative ideas within our community. Artists will get the opportunity to pitch their projects with a visual tease of their creation, solicit donations, and take home much needed funds!

We have some Amazing things going on this year, and we want to support it all! Come check out what our fantastic Local Burners have in store for us this year at TTITD, other Regional events and anywhere in between!

At ReCharge, you’ll be able to:

-Learn about Burner art projects in progress!
-Support the projects you find rad or important

Every rendition of ReCharge will be named by the participating artists and production volunteers (i.e. ReCharge: in the beginning, or ReCharge: feed my kitteh!).

There will be good music: micro grant for DJ equipment rental.

There will be a few snacks (i.e. chips, salsa, hummus, veggies). There might be more food and beverages, to be provided by artists who set up a space (i.e. art car serving tea, or theme camp that serves pancakes). Alcohol will be available. You will be carded and issued a wristband if you are of legal drinking age.

Everyone over 12 who attends the event must purchase a minimum of 2 gift tokens ($5 each), including artists and production volunteers. Individuals are encouraged to buy more tokens either in advance or throughout the event. Tokens can only be gifted to registered artists; each one will have a donation jar at the main event table. We will have charts displaying in real time, showing you how close each artist is to earning their requested amount.

Info on the Gift Tokens:
-$5 each, cash or card (add $0.50 fee per token for square/cc)
-each project will have a jar available for receiving Gift Tokens
-put yours in whatever project’s jar You want to support!
-Jars will be at the welcome table (where you buy tokens upon entry)
-certain items at event will also translate into Gift Tokens (ie., Buy an Auction item for $20, and get $20 worth of Gift Tokens!)

Registered Artists/Projects are encouraged to set up inviting spaces (booth/pop-up/table), provide both oral and visual information about their project, and welcome to hand out cards/stickers/buttons (small gifts or free swag). Artists will not accept cash donations during the event, nor will they make any sales.

There will be an Auction. Donated items can have a minimum bid amount to offset the cost of the item (i.e. pendant, minimum bid $5 for cost of resin and rope), although the person donating can set the minimum bid at $0. Bidding will be in $1 increments, although $5 increments are better. Whatever is paid for an item (above the minimum bid) is distributed by the winning bidder to their artist(s) of choice.

If you have a project you would like to promote, an item to donate for the auction, a DJ set to play, would like to volunteer with production, or want more information:
recharge (at) dustyvisions.org




Our friends in the North (otherwise known as GVIAS) came up with an awesome community fundraising event named ReCharge, and we are planning to bring their concept to Portland. We even received blessings from artist Ron Simmer who came up with the event’s name!

“The fundraiser provides an opportunity for the following:

~ Artists to present their ideas to the community.
~ Collaborate with other artists and people who might want to get involved.
~ Get funds up front by the end of the evening to start building your creation.
~ Auction with lots of cool stuff to buy and then donate that money to artists.
~ Participants get to choose where you want the money to go.

You get to donate all the money from your ticket to whatever project you choose. You will receive chips worth $5 each to add to any of the art projects. Walk around, look at the rockin’ displays of the artists who want your cash while sipping your drink, socializing and listening to music. Talk to the artists, and figure out who you want to support. Go ahead, ask them questions! They may even invite you to get involved with their project if you are so inclined. Then, once you’ve decided who gets your money, take your chips to the donation table. We’ll have charts displaying in real time showing you how close each artist is to earning their requested amount.

If you get particularly inspired and are feeling generous you will be able to buy more chips anytime during the evening.

The art auction works the same way – Whatever you pay for an item in the auction is money you get to distribute to the artists.