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ReCharge Success

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the Burner Barn tonight and helped make ReCharge PDX: First Edition a really nice evening. Each of the Registered Projects went home with some additional funds, which made them and us very happy.  -Birthday Candles: $60.00 -Cascadia Trading Post:$45.00 -Embrace 2014: Portland: $ 80.00 -Lost […]

ReCharge Update

Thanks to Heather Fulton for improving our Social Media Event Invitation! *Goal of ReCharge*: To help turn ideas and plans in to fantastic reality at SOAK, Burning Man and/or BurnOut; to learn about projects for our own selfish gain; and to contribute to the growth and fulfillment of the creative ideas within our community (drink). […]

Ten years of SOAK*

Layer 2 of the SOAK* Effigy is pretty much structurally complete thanks to our awesome build volunteers. It is now in need of Cake decorators! What is involved: we are seeking 10 art pieces representing each year of SOAK*. Your canvas should be framed with no glass. We prefer plywood canvas, but you can paint on cardboard […]

Souk FAQ Update

The great thing about the Souk is 24/7 interactivity showcasing a variety of Regional creativity (radical inclusion at its finest). If you are interested in participating, you have two weeks to get your proposals ready! • Before you read any further, it’s important that you and your team have read and grasp the overall intent […]


Our friends in the North (otherwise known as GVIAS) came up with an awesome community fundraising event named ReCharge, and we are planning to bring their concept to Portland. We even received blessings from artist Ron Simmer who came up with the event’s name! The goal of Recharge will be to bring ideas and sketches […]

Soak* Effigy

We submitted an adapted version of Moon Cake to stand as the SOAK* 2014 Effigy, and it was accepted! Thank you Burning Man Portland and SOAK, LLC for placing your trust in us and the community members who choose to participate. We are excited about facilitating the production of a Decadently Delightful 10th anniversary Cake, […]

Souk 2014

“Greetings, Regional Contacts and Community Members! It is with great pleasure that Burning Man invites YOUR participation in the 2014 Caravansary Souk, an interactive, collaborative art environment at the base of Man. We ask that you read the Caravansary text by Larry Harvey (linked below) to get a sense of the overall vision and that […]

BurnOut 2013

:: BurnOut: Burning Man Portland’s Decompression :: Cargo Culters – this is your chance to decompress – Portland style. This year, Burning Man Portland has joined forces with the Branx/Rotture space and Dusty Visions to bring you two indoor stages, an outdoor Fire Cult gallery, and indoor/outdoor theme camp space. Bring your most interactive art, […]