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Flocons is a series of large-scale ornament-like sculptures, imagined and built by multiple artists, suspended from 8 foot tall metal display hangers, to be displayed in a garden-like manner. Each sculpture consists of a metal hanger with a swivel hinge hook where an ornament, no larger that 4x4x6 feet in size, is suspended. The four-legged hanger bases are buried so it looks like each hanger is growing up from the ground. As participants approach the series, they will find a collection of large free floating pieces, each as unique as the artists who created them.

Flocons was inspired by ornaments adapted from designs by Frank Lloyd Wright. Our initial concept was to recreate similar objects on a larger scale: three dimensional snowflakes (aka flocons in French) suspended from tall metal hangers. As a result, we designed an easily replicable template for creating large-scale patterned 3D pieces out of plywood. 



Oregon Country Fair (2016)


Black Rock City Honorarium (2016)


AeolianFyre by Joshua Rooker & Chloe Veneneux
Alpha, Beta & Wings by Anna-Gaelle Lucy Marshall
Dreaming of Trees by Francis Kanach
Momotombo by Rachel Babenar
Fly Fast by Casey Bage
Planet Janet by Elizabeth & Mel Adams
Smoke Cloud by Kevan Christiaens
Snow Crystal by Sara Sebby
Fabrication by Seth Byrnes

For additional photos:

Huffington Post Article:

The 12 Most Mind-Melting Artwork headed to Burning Man (2016)


Critical Northwest (2015)



Grow Fourth: Portland CORE (2012)

vert umnus

photo by Vert Umnus


Burn in the Forest (2012)


Original Concept –

“By taking an everyday small object and expanding its size exponentially, we intend to engage the viewer’s sense of awe. We hope that people will examine the complicated geometry of these objects and explore the beauty of interlacing patterns. When the pieces burn, they will be suspended off the ground and free to spin.

By building multiple hangers, we mean to exhibit one self-made ornament and invite other local artists to create their own, therefore making this a community piece. The more hangers we build, the more artists we can invite to participate in the project, therefore creating a garden of three-dimensional hanging geometric shapes.”

Each individual piece will consist of a metal hanger where a wood ornament will be suspended on a swivel hinge. The three-legged hanger base will be buried so it will look like each hanger is growing up from the ground. The approximate height will be eight feet. Each ornament will be made from interlocking plywood sheets all cut with different geometric patterns (cf. sample images).

As participants approach the sculptures, they will see large free floating intricate geometric shapes that both rotate with the wind and can be spun. At night each piece will be lit with a spot light which will shine through the various patterns casting shadows onto the Playa.


Original Concept Design