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Seth Byrnes (aka Bribe). After camping with the Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet for three years Bribe decided to take a more active role in contributing to the art at Burning Man. He started with smaller personal projects and participated financially in others, prior to volunteering as Transportation lead for Portland CORE 2011 and Build lead for Portland CORE 2012.  He enjoys collaborating with fellow Burners and regional artists, in creating large scale Burn-able projects. Bribe also likes bats, fire and his three ladies.

Matthew Gallaer (aka EFNG). Uncle Loudy has been Burning for ages, yet remains the Eternal F***ing New Guy.

Anna-Gaelle Marshall (aka Lucy) specializes in supporting creative individuals, encouraging them to reach their full potential and providing them with the infrastructure and financing that they need in order to complete their work. She has collaborated with a wide variety of visual artists, from graphic designers to directors of photography, from sculptors to painters, and from large scale artists to fire performers. Her goals are always the same: to complete projects on time and under budget while ensuring that the artistic vision remains true to the artist€™s original intention. She is a regional advocate for participatory art and continuously strives to bring artists and donors together in order to create new projects, including some of her own.



Photo by Qathi Gallaher Hart, Critical NW 2015