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Portland Souk 2014

The visual theme will be based on the Oregon Trail and other aspects of westward trade and migration. The Portland project will be a small stop along the trail where a few travelers might camp and water their oxen, sit around a “€œcampfire”€ and telling tales, trading the things and stories and all of the little pieces that make up their their lives before traveling on to their next destination.

Physically, the project will have a western look. It’€™ll include a covered wagon, some old-timey signs, a counter where participants can talk and wheel and deal and €œtrade€ with a shopkeeper. It will also include a simulated “€œcampfire”€ without any actual fire at all, just electric light of some sort. There will be logs or chairs for weary travelers to rest their feet.

The layout will consist of:
– A counter or desk in one corner with cabinets and shelves behind it that hold goods for trade, novelties, games, and other items essential to our interactive elements.
– A “€œcampfire”€ as described above.
– A “€œcovered wagon”€ in an appropriate location for interactivity

portland souk