In 2014, SOAK, LLC (the umbrella organization that has managed officially sanctioned Burning Man events in Portland since 2007) approached Dusty Visions to help transition its operations into a non-profit. To this end, Dusty Visions advised SOAK and Burning Man Portland (a collective of Burning Man Regional Contacts), over a period of  four months, as to the steps to be taken in order to complete the transition. Dusty Visions identified and recruited the SOAK* 2015: Level Up! event producer and associate producer, restructured both the corporate operations and events budgets, and offered suggestions about the best course of action. Whereas SOAK, LLC was interested in merging with Dusty Visions, following a thorough review of SOAK activities, we proposed a two year transition plan involving temporary fiscal sponsorship of SOAK programs. After public opinion was taken into consideration, it was determined that the mission and motives of each organization were not in alignment and we parted ways, knowing that our recommendations were given due consideration.

We are grateful to SOAK, LLC and Burning Man Portland for their continued support of Dusty Visions and look forward to seeing how management of official Burning Man events in Portland continues to evolve in the future. Bonne continuation!



“Dear Fellow Community Members,

As of today by mutual decision, SOAK, LLC has decided not to merge with Dusty Visions, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We have great respect for Dusty Visions and wholeheartedly support their mission and contributions to SOAK and Portland Burners. We have learned a great deal and are grateful for the opportunity to have begun this process despite the current outcome. At this point we have determined Portland would be better served by seeking to create a new non-profit formed around SOAK, to serve the event, its volunteers, and the community at large.

To this regard SOAK, LLC, in conjunction with the Regional Contacts and some key advisors have begun the process of forming a tax exempt 501(c)3 organization. We will be gradually releasing information regarding the organizational structure, the board involvement and election process, and other leadership opportunities throughout the year. The new organization will utilize values and models suggested by the community over the last couple of years.

It is important to let you know that the new organization, Regional Contacts, and SOAK, LLC are not in competition with, and fully support the mission and values of Dusty Visions. Dusy Visions remains a trusted partner organization to SOAK, LLC, and is a vital asset to our community. We wish them the absolute best with their endeavors, and want to encourage the community to take the opportunity to learn more about their wonderful organization.

Warm regards,

Tzara Vierck, Xandra Green, and Emily Steadman, Regional Contacts and Thomas McElroy on behalf of SOAK, LLC

February 26, 2015″