“The B.E.D. PDX Chapter is a group of local burners who want to help our community members guard themselves and others against incidents of sexual harassment and assault, as well as non-sexual harassment and abuse, and to maintain an environment where free expression of self is not threatened by antisocial, disrespectful, or predatory behavior. We believe that all people of all ages, sexual identities, and gender identities deserve to feel safe, and their boundaries respected, at our events and within our community.

We seek to accomplish these goals with outreach and education, discussion and workshops, and, if needed, through non-violent intervention. We want to help every burner understand how to recognize predatory or inappropriate behaviors, and how to deal with these behaviors if they see them happen to others or are a victim of such behaviors, or even if they happen to be displaying these behaviors themselves.

We want to help our community members enjoy the explorations of their sexuality without fear of abuse, and we also want our community members to feel safe and respected in non-sexual situations, and we want to help spread the message that sex can be a wonderful thing when there is respect and honest communication, but that it’s also okay to choose to not engage in sexual activities at all, and that no matter who they are or where they are or how they express themselves, every burner deserves a safe, respectful environment.

We also want to provide resources and information to victims of sexual and/or relationship trauma/abuse who are in need of support from a trained healer or counselor. We hope to create an active relationship with local Rangers as well, and in the future possibly have trained group members who will volunteer to watch out for potentially harmful behaviors at local community events, and if necessary intervene in a calm and non-violent manner, so that all burners can have a better chance of enjoying their community in safety.”

For those who are not familiar with the Bureau of Erotic Discourse or what they do, here’s a link to their website: http://www.bureauoferoticdiscourse.org


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