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June 21st – Artist proposal deadlines

June 27th – ReCharge: First Edition

Home how does it work?

Tokens – $5.00 donation per token: Cash or Square/CC (add $0.50 fee per token).

Things to know about this event:

-Purchase of 2 Gift Tokens Required at Door
-Booths for Participating Projects will be placed throughout the space
-Decorate a Copper Tile for the Soak* Effigy! Table will be set up for this.
-Chill Space Upstairs
-DJ Downstairs (Music brought by Real Merkin Heroes)
-Dancing Downstairs as well as outdoors in Burner Barn yard! (grassy terrain)
-Burn Barrel will be a’burnin.
-Auction of fantastic donated items
-Dress: Burnery!!
-We’ll be ID’ing at the door, so bring yours

Helpful Event Timeline:

6:00 PM – Projects & Volunteers Set Up

7:00 PM – Event Begins

11:00 PM – Projects & Volunteers Break Down

At ReCharge, you’ll be able to:

-Learn about Burner art projects in progress!
-Support the projects you find rad or important
-Eat/Drink (BYOB/Food)

*As an asterisk to the BYOStuff, there will be some food [hummus, chips, fresh veggies, dip, etc.] provided, but not enough to feed people dinner. Some projects will also be providing food/beverages, but probably not enough to feed attendees. So bring something for yourself, or something to share! We have a grill.

DJ Music Micro Grant: awarded to Rob Hise-Denk

Projects: The goal of ReCharge is to raise funds for Projects. If you are interested in participating, please fill out this form and the event producers will contact you with details.

The following projects are registered and will be present with information on their work, goals, needs, and marvelous visions for us all:


Birthday Candles


Embrace 2014: Portland


Lost Nomads of Vulcania

musical swings ron simmer

Musical Swings

portland souk

Portland Souk 2014

Auction Donations: We are looking for donations for the auction. Have you got a creation hiding away that you would be willing to donate? Have you got something to gift that you think someone will want? Have you got a talent or service that you would like to put up for auction?  This is your opportunity to help raise a few more dollars for the projects coming to ReCharge. Please provide details using this form.

Auction Items


One of a kind cast resin pendants by Sarah Taylor

embrace pendantOriginal Embrace pendants

Volunteer: We need volunteers for the door, set up and tear down. Please note that all volunteers must have a ticket to the event.  We thank you for your support.

Please fill out this form and the team lead will contact you with details.

Thanks for stepping up to help us at ReCharge!!!